Simple Ways to Make Your Roof Greener

Everyone is talking about thinking green or being environmentally friendly. While the roof may be the last part of your house that you can consider as worthy of turning green, you’d be surprised at how a few simple tricks can make even the dullest and most boring of modern day roofs totally environmentally friendly. Here’s how.

  • Install solar reflective tubes

One of the best ways you can save on electricity especially on lighting while also doing a lot of good for the environment is installing solar reflective tubes. These bring natural daylight right into any area or any room in your house. While you can only use this during the daytime, at least you will no longer have to use electricity to power up your lighting fixtures to illuminate certain areas in your home.

  • Add a water barrel from your roof

You might not think of your roof’s downspout as anything resembling environmentally friendly. But if you add a water barrel, then you can essentially collect water runoff and use this for a variety of purposes such as watering your plants, cleaning or washing your car, giving your bird bath clean water, and many others. You are also helping the environment by simply collecting rainwater and using this for more beneficial purposes rather than simply letting it flood the area and wash the topsoil. It also has a great economic value since you will no longer have to be totally dependent on utility-supplied water.

  • Insulate and ventilate your roof the correct way

If your heating and ventilation systems are installed in a rather haphazard manner or are setup rather poorly, then you’ll have to rely more on fossil fuels to run your heating and air conditioning systems. The hotter or colder the environment gets, the greater is the work required from your air conditioning unit or heater, respectively. When this happens, you will be spending more electricity which can be reflected in your succeeding power utility bills. More importantly, since you have an increased need for electricity, utility stations will have to burn more fuel to give you this need. That is why, if you can design your roof in such a way that it allows for the more effective management of heat, then you don’t have to worry about such issues.

  • Prevent outgrowth of tree limbs into your roof area

Technically, this is one of the easiest ways to make your roof more eco-friendly. Outgrowth or vegetation into your roof areas can get in the way of effective air circulation. Additionally, tree limbs and branches can damage your roof, exposing tiny cracks and spaces in its structure which can ultimately lead to the entry of water and initiate water damage. Poor air circulation can also lead to the formation of hot spots which can hasten the rate of aging.

Making sure your construction & roofing is environmentally-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean you have to incorporate some of those green technologies that people are talking about nowadays. Sometimes, all you need is a simple idea to reduce the impact of your house on the environment.